- June 6th, 2021 -

Step into the mountain kingdom of Everhart


Introducing the mountain kingdom of Everhart, the first city you will encounter traveling through Aether. It's a long hike up, but it's worth the trip! Don't worry though, making your way down is the fun part.

Everhart serves as a central meeting point for Aetherjins. Trade stories of adventure with travelers alike or make Everhart your primary residency and become a local. As a local, you may benefit from special perks when visiting shops and markets, so choose your home wisely. Regardless of where you reside, you can expect to customize your home to your heart's content!

Although Everhart is seemingly safe, high up on its mountains perch, dangers prowl nearby. The kobold tribes, which once occupied Everhart's land, seek to regain what they have lost. It has been over 100 years since King Rillis, the founder of Everhart, forced kobold tribes from their home. As a result, most kobolds dwell in the kingdom's ancient forests. Wanderers of Everhart trade routes may find great trouble if they run into a kobold camp alone. Although perceived for low intelligence, the kobold is known for a surprisingly advanced combat organization while in groups.

While kobold raids on Everhart's castle are uncommon, expect to be rewarded for your bravery if you choose to fight for Everhart. If an attack should occur, take up arms with locals and travelers alike in these random encounters. Rumor has it that kobolds have built an intricate tunnel system under Everhart, so stay alert!

Aside from the dangers, Everhart is beaming with life and energy. Play mini-games with friends and locals, eat delicious food, craft, decorate your home, and trade on the market to gain riches from your hard work.

A place to start a new beginning and live the life you deserve! Welcome to Everhart.

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