- June 27th, 2021 -

Character mobility updates and improved networking


If you've been watching our streams, you may have already seen WoA in action, but if not, here's a quick update on what you missed!

Gliding and swimming were the highlights on our twitch this last Friday. We created what was dubbed the "Final Fantasy X Blitzball arena" to allow us to glide in and out of swimming collision areas for testing. Unfortunately, the arena was for testing purposes, so you won't find that in the Pre-Alpha, sorry!

Wonders of Aether Everhart Flight Test

While it was fun testing and debugging, we did discover some pretty funny errors. The panty flashing Sonic roll bug got resolved within 30 minutes of the stream! And no, we didn't take any screenshots of that!

If you missed out on the fun, we recommend following us on twitch every Friday starting at 11 am EST. We might adjust this time in the future, so it's best to follow just in case!

Wonders of Aether Everhart Everhart Island

Some other areas of improvement were our networking system. You might have noticed our server status for the Tokyo region has been reporting back in maintenance mode. With some of our recent tests, we decided to overhaul some of our networking. We wanted to make sure we can fit the most people into the open world as possible, which means we needed to make the right supporting changes sooner rather than later. We are pretty sure we will have to come back to this later, so expect more updates as we progress!

Well, that's where we are at for today's updates! If you would like to see more progress updates sooner, please follow us below and check out our streams every Friday! Thank you always for your support!

Wonders of Aether Everhart Everhart Island

Wonders of Aether Everhart Everhart Sunset

Wonders of Aether Everhart Everhart Swimming

Wonders of Aether Everhart Everhart Test Area

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